Reusable Bag Stations

Have you been out shopping and annoyed that you forgot your shopping bags at home?

Do you try to balance your shopping on two hands because you do not want to purchase a bag at the store while you have a whole pile at home?

Taschenstationen, umweltfreundlich einkaufen

Well….there is a great solution which can help you while you are out shopping in Frankfurt in the beautiful Nordend or Bornheim. While exploring the many shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and stores on the Berger Strasse, you may have noticed these baskets.

How do the bag stations work?

If you need a bag then you can just grab one out of the 11 Stations which are located around Berger Strasse in Frankfurt. (see list below). This way you do not have to purchase a plastic bag in a shop. This is a great way to shop sustainable and do something good for the environment while saving money. And…you can still get your shopping home safe and sound.

But…You can also fill these bag stations with your bags. So if you have a bunch of bags at home which you do not need anymore, then you can just place them in any station you like. This way the next person coming along can use your bags. By the way, you can also put paper or plastic bags into the stations.

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Circular Economy

The bag stations only work in cooperation. We want as many people as possible to use the bag stations. This means we want you to take a bag out when you need one but also put the bags, which you do not want or need anymore back into circulation. Support the project and be part of a sustainable shopping experience.

Just don’t be surprised when someone walks around with one of your bags 😉

Locations of the bag stations

Main Gemüse
Berger Strasse 26